Kolapasi : How this Chennai Based Restaurant is redefining the way we think!!

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Recently Chennai based restaurant has introduced water bottles as merchandise. Was impressed with the design which I saw in facebook, I have ordered for it. What impressed me more was to receive it at 10:45 p.m from the founder himself who came home to deliver! Santhosh, founder of Kolapasi is well known for his contribution during Chennai Floods and Jallikattu. This guy shows serious commitment.


Kolapasi Restaurant


I see 3 important aspects here.

  1. Branding
  2. Marketing
  3. Social Cause



Brand, is your reputation in the market place. The promises you make and the promises you keep.

To my knowledge I have not seen any other restaurant which has come up with the cool thought of Branding in a water bottle. May be the american based cafes always had this in place. But an Indian restaurant doing it was unique.

The designs in the water bottle talk about Chicken Kuruma, Parotta, and displays super cool moments of love and food. And easy to carry types. What kolapasi has delivered is visible in these bottles.


Kolapsi Restaurant, Chennai



The water bottle is yet to be sold on their websites, but as soon he has posted that the bottles will be soon available, he started receiving the orders. What I hear from him is that, they have sold more than 350+ bottles in less than 2 days only through social media.

And the reach of this design has really impressed many. Since it is super cool, friends share and it somewhere generates “I too want one” feel. Definitely invokes interest.


Social Cause:

Santhosh was always conscious on the things he do. At Kolapasi, they never sold water bottles. I asked him about this new initiative and here is his reply.


“In today’s commercial life , we are forced to make every resource and the boon of nature as a commodity . We wouldn’t able to make a change in every aspect but we could stop commercializing our basic needs like air and water .


At Kolapasi, we never believed in selling water and we have never endorsed the idea of selling Packaged drinking water . With that thought being our motivation , we have decided to launch our Kolapasi bottles which you can buy at our stores and website . You can walk into any of our stores and refill your Kolapasi bottles .


The launch of the bottles is to create an awareness that we don’t sell water and water shouldn’t become a commodity in our daily lives . We are standing for a cause that will help save the non commercial humanity within us . Not that we are doing anything bigger but making a noise that might be tomorrows change”.


Water is not for sale, refill it in the bottles at any Kolapasi outlets and share it with a stranger. Makes Sense!!


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Co Founder at TelePort360 | Entrepreneur | Thinker | Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant | Bibliophile |

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